Sunday, July 10, 2005

First time TEAM teaching

I taught my first two lessons of the school year on Friday to Ruth, Anderson, Amy, Lee, and Mrs. Youngblood. I tought 10th grade geometry.

I was stressing out on Thursday. We got done with class around 12:30 and I worked straight from then until 10:00. The first day needs a ridiculous amount of planning. I wrote out my syllabus, made posters for rules and consequences, numbered the desks, had a homework basket... And that was still a reduced amount of work that I need to put in for the real first day. My second lesson definitely required less planning.

When I gave the first lesson, I completely forgot my set but other than that it went great. And I was much more comfortable for the second lesson.

Mrs. Youngblood was great. She really helped us ease into this awkward situation, teaching our friends. That is a little strange. And it's funny having only four "students" in the class; I walked by everyone's desk like fifty times during the forty minute lesson.


Blogger anderson heston said...

agreed. ms. youngblood is the awesomest.

5:40 PM  

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