Monday, June 20, 2005

"Reluctant Disciplinarian"

I loved "Reluctant Disciplinarian." I thought it was a great book. I wish Gary Rubenstein could have just told us flat out what works, but I know every class is different and every teacher is different. He had some great tips, and now I just have to put it all together and find something that works for me.

I think the best tip was to be traditional the first week of school. I want my students to know that I'm a teacher, and that we are going to work in the classroom. The best way to let students know that I'm a teacher is to show them, and to fit into what they think a teacher is, at least at first. I'm going to give students textbooks, rules, consequences, procedures, the works. I also like the idea of a quiz on Friday of the first week. Then, the students know that they really have to start learning. And, once they all score well on the first quiz, they will think positively of themselves as well as my teaching ability. It's a good way to start the year. I know that I wanted all my teachers to act like teachers. Once everything is settled, I can do more creative activities.

The other tip I really liked was Rubenstein's reward system. I really like the lottery system, and baking cookies, so it seems like a match for me. It's so much easier to reward the students than to discipline them. I've really seen that in student teaching. The students now feel comfortable enough to speak out and come to the board because they know I'll encourage them and never let them feel embarrassed about their work. And it makes class so easy and fun. I finish teaching with so much energy. The students are just perfect.


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