Friday, June 03, 2005

Visiting My School for the First Time in Belzoni

Today, Meredith, Anderson, and I left for Belzoni at 6:30 in the morning. We were surprisingly awake for the drive, and it was a fun, scenic trip with only a couple of wrong turns. We made it to the school, Humphreys County High School, around 9:30 and immediately met with the principal, assistant principal, and a lead teacher in the junior high school for our group interview. We then went on a tour of the high school, which had more technology than any of us were expecting. The high school and junior high are connected, and right down the road is the lower elementary, upper elementary, and central office. We were able the visit the central office and meet the superintendent. Then the principal drove us around Belzoni.

Belzoni is the catfish capital of the world, and the town is covered in painted catfish sculptures. Belzoni is a small town, and the people are very friendly. They just got a McDonald's, which is a huge deal there. We stopped by a BBQ on the side of the road for lunch, but nothing was ready when we went by so we ended up at the Sonic. But good food is definitely something to look forward to. We took a different route back to campus that involved more highways, which was easier for us city folk to figure out than the small country roads. We are all looking forward to going back. I am planning on taking my mom to see the town next weekend, and I know Anderson plans on returning then as well. We were told that we should know which subject we are teaching for the fall by mid-June, so we will also want to take a trip to the school to pick up the required texts. We all left with a great impression of the town, the school, and the people, and the excitement just seems to keep building as the summer progresses.


Blogger A. Monroe said...

Ben and Germain took me to Belzoni this spring. It was my first visit to the catfish capital of the world. I loved the painted catfish, too! It sounds like you had a useful visit. Looking forward to hearing more from you this semester.

7:50 PM  
Blogger brian daugherity said...

Such a great posting... I was in the MTC class of 98, and reading this brought back soooo many memories... I hope you have a great summer and that you are excited for teaching in the fall :)

10:29 AM  

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