Monday, July 25, 2005

Class Assignments for the Fall

Yeah! I found out what I'm teaching! Well, of course it isn't definite, but still... I found out that I am teaching Geometry at the high school (Humphreys County High School) and Pre-Algebra at the junior high. The high school and junior high are connected, but I will still have to have two different classrooms because the junior high and high school kids don't mix. Never fear, they're giving me a cart to wheel around my stuff. Jealous much?

The Pre-Algebra class is in one of those "I Can Learn" labs, where each student gets their own computer and basically it's self-paced. I really, from what I understand, just tutor students. The system works very well, though, so it doesn't bother me. Meredith, Reggie, and I have workshops to go to for the lab on this Friday and Saturday in Yazoo City (PARTY!). Then we start professional development on Tuesday, and classes start the following Monday. I can't believe how soon that is! It's crazy! I have a lot of fun this summer, getting to know everyone, learning about teaching. I'm very excited to start the school year.


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