Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Job

I went to the Jackson job fair last Saturday and got a job at Jim Hill—my #1 choice! I was so excited. They were my last school to interview with because they didn’t have any job listings for math teachers, but I wanted to try anyways. I got such a great feeling from the principal, who promises to be blunt and asks that I always be honest with her as well. I told her I had heard so many great things about her and the school. When I told her I was with Teacher Corps, she said, “Oh that’s how you know about my school—my hippy boys!” We’re going to have such a good time at that school.

In other fantastic news, we found a house for the summer, a four bedroom house for 7 or 8 of us. It will be awesome. I can’t wait for the summer now. I’m even excited about teaching, now that I know it’s not for 7 hours a day. Just four more weeks of school!


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