Thursday, March 30, 2006

Leaving Humphreys

I let my superintendent know that I would not be returning next year to Humphreys County HS. I took a personal day the day that I met with her in case she wanted to discuss anything with me. I was suprised I only met with her for a couple of minutes, and I spent the rest of the day in Jackson. When I came back the next day, Adryon asked me if I'd heard about what happened with my substitute. Apparently, the sub that the school had scheduled for me more than a week in advance didn't show, so one of my students that also takes a class with Adryon asked the principal if he could skip all of his classes to watch my classes. The principal actually let an 11th grader sub for my classes! So, the day before nine weeks testing, students searched my room up and down for the nine weeks test and my grade book, which thankfully I had at home. Let me just say that my school has done nothing to make me regret my decision. Hopefully, I'll be in Jackson next year.


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