Sunday, January 07, 2007

Student Self-Esteem

I've been thinking about something we discussed in class. Our students don't have any issues with their self-esteem. They all think they are going to be doctors and lawyers. But how many of them really will when the graduation rate for my high school is 50%?

In class we were talking about whether or not we should tell these students that they can be anything they want. It's hard once the students realize their limitations.

I think the students need to hear a little truth. My students don't have an understanding of what it takes to go to college, even graduate high school. They aren't nearly as concerned about flunking classes as they should be. They don't see the connection between what they do now in high school and what they will be able to do later in life.

I also have a number of students that think they are going to be professional athletes or rappers. They couldn't care less about failing my class. They have no idea what kind of odds they are up against.


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